Cooking Alchemy is an eco-conscious food, services and products operation specializing in plant based healing foods and healing products

Our food is prepared with the highest intentions using all natural, wholesome ingredients. It is our holistic approach to food and product preparation, which includes contemplative practices, intuitive sense and alchemy that makes all that we do not only nutritious, but also a healing art.

Our services include:

  • Off-site catering
  • Customized and therapeutic meal plans
  • Personal chef services, culinary coaching
  • Meal delivery
  • Gourmet specialty products
  • Workshops and demonstrations

Green and sustainable, Cooking Alchemy is committed to preparing food and products that are healthy for mind, body, spirit and planet.

During our food preparation process, all non-edible raw ingredients are composted and returned to the source. All meals and specialty items are packaged and delivered in eco-friendly, biodegradable ware. We are… greening the planet, one meal and one product at a time.

Elizabette Andrade

About the chef…

Healing Foods Chef Elizabette Andrade is a culinary artist, cooking coach, food alchemist, writer, and a nutritionist in training. Her lifelong passion for food and health led to the birth of Earth’s Elements Foods & Products, specializing in plant-based cuisine prepared with all natural, whole, healing foods. Elizabette’s holistic approach to food preparation incorporates contemplative practices, intuitive sense and culinary magic. The result is a unique menu of services created with your well-being in mind. Her commitment to sustainability means that she uses the most natural, local and organic ingredients when available in the design of her ethnically infused menu.

“She has a gift of making harmonious blends of whatever she touches…Food, health products, and more. She puts a lot of soul and love in her food” – Ayo S. Philadelphia, PA

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