Our Philosophy

We believe good food starts with good intentions, real food ingredients and you. We believe that cooking is the most powerful means of taking care of ourselves and that the best meals are created in the comfort of our own kitchens. We believe that through the transformative power of cooking, we change how well we eat and how well we live. Because taste and cooking matters, our services and products are designed to support and encourage home cooks to get more delicious meals on the table in less time.

Cooking Alchemy is the official brand of Earth’s Elements Foods & Products, Inc.



“That which fire operates is alchemy, whether in the kitchen or in the universe” — Paracelsus


“For the alchemical cook, the ideal meal is a balanced blend of universal forces, each contributing its own unique signature to the menu” – Hauck


“…if you are willing to know plants and herbs they will reveal their inner spirit to you” – Hauck


“A meal is a magical rite by means of which food is transformed into health, strength, love and light.” – Aivanhov

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